Pasadena, MD (Arundel.News)- Media outlets from multiple states are reporting about a strange ashy powder that blanketed cars and other surfaces in the Mid-Atlantic overnight. The mysterious "powdery" substance spotted in four states, also left cars in Anne Arundel County covered in a chalky white residue. Reports of the substance falling in West Virginia began around 7:40 p.m. on Thursday 2/23. Soon videos and photos of the powder raining down began circulating on social media, with posters speculating on what they were seeing falling from the sky. Some theories on the cause took a scientific approach, with weather buffs deducing that it originated from a storm that kicked up dust all the way from down in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Other posters provided unverified and unconfirmed reports that they saw the "material" dropped by a plane over West Virginia.

The Hampshire County 911 Center released the following air quality statement acknowledging the substance was seen falling in West Virginia. 

Here in Anne Arundel County, the Arundel.News team woke to discover that our vehicles were covered in a thick, grainy powder that doesn't easily wipe off. Both vehicles pictured were freshly washed on Monday evening, due to exceptional weather in the 70's. We used a microfiber rag to try and wipe off the "dust" to no avail. We'll be heading back to the car wash and we'll update you on how it goes. For now, we also recommend that you wash your hands and clothes right away if you come into contact with this unknown material. 

Please post or send in any photos or videos you have of the substance coming down or on surfaces. 

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Judy black

Just before a major storm which flooded our country new zealand a two weeks ago I posted a post on Facebook that white stuff was falling with the rain I got alot of post saying people had found white powder on there cars. This is not the first time this has happened here.

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