Annapolis, MD (Arundel.News & AAFA)- It is the first day of school for students attending Anne Arundel County Public Schools, but with one noticeable difference from years past.  With 18 bus routes canceled and 30 more experiencing significant delays, most drivers had very little impact on their morning commute. Notifications were sent out this morning as families prepared to hit the bus stop. Parents of kids who rely of bussing to get to school were left scrambling to get the kids to school for their first day and still somehow manage to make their jobs on time. According to a page on the AACPS website, the afternoon schedule will also be impacted today. Delays and changes will be updated daily, as AACPS says it is struggling to fill bus driver openings. A recent letter sent to parents warned that a shortage of both busses and drivers would impact transportation availability for students attending public schools in the county for the foreseeable future. 

Arundel.News spoke with a former bus driver who says she was trying to get work, but delays in receiving her license through the US Mail, due to MVA's policy of mailing IDs caused her to seek employment elsewhere. She tells Arundel.News that the whole process of keeping her passenger endorsement and CDL was a painful process that took too long due to the pandemic. The source declined to be identified. 

Parents will need to check the list on the AACPS website here each day to see what the status of their student's route is for the day. 

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