Glen Burnie, MD (Arundel.News & AAFA)- Investigators are working to unravel a complicated case involving a Glen Burnie family grappling with domestic violence.  Police say that the situation escalated on the afternoon of Sunday 11/28, when that violence led to murder. 64 year old Valentina Yorro was not identified in a release of information from the Office of the Attorney General, but court documents obtained by Arundel.News show that she had filed for a protective order against her son, 32 year old Digno Yorro Jr.  That case stemmed from a domestic violence incident in January of 2020. Records show that Yorro's mother later requested that the courts drop the case. She also filed for emergency custody of Yorro Jr's minor daughter. Relatives who spoke with Arundel.News on the scene Sunday, confirmed that Yorro had ultimately won guardianship of her granddaughter due to ongoing issues with Yorro Jr., also known as "DJ". 

On 11/28, a call from Yorro's home in the 1400 block of Braden Loop, indicated that a woman was being chased by a family member threatening her with a knife. The woman also told the dispatcher that another woman who lived in the home was missing.

When units from Anne Arundel County Police arrived they say the suspect, Yorro Jr. refused to exit the home. When the front door was breached, officers say Yorro Jr. was still holding a knife, and did not comply with their commands to drop that weapon. Despite being shot with multiple bean bag rounds and being tased, officers allege that Yorro Jr. continued to advance toward them holding a knife. According to police, Yorro Jr was killed when Cpl. J. Burger, a six year veteran, fired multiple shots as the suspect walked toward officers holding the knife. 

As officers searched the home, Valentina's body was discovered in the garage area. She had been stabbed multiple times. 

The Independent Investigations Division of the Attorney General says it is examining police body cam footage from the case, and expects to make that video public within the next two weeks. A release from the office says it is working with family members prior to making that video public. An exclusive audio recording of the incident was provided to Arundel.News and we hope to make it available as it is appropriate to do so. 

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