Annapolis, MD (Arundel.News & AAFA)- Two children are recovering after being shot in Annapolis over the weekend. Police say it happened during an attempted home invasion in the 100 block of Obery Court, on 2/12. According to our sources and the police, the suspect allegedly shot at a group of people attempting to force their way into his home. The suspect, 41 year old John Estep, of Obery Court in Annapolis, turned himself into police just hours after the story broke on Anne Arundel First Alert. He is charged with multiple gun related charges and two counts of second degree assault, stemming from that case. In an update to the incident, reported exclusively by Arundel News and Anne Arundel First Alert, we are learning more about what led up to the shootings.  Following outcry from our First Alert subscribers and tips from sources,  Arundel News sought clearer answers from the Annapolis Police. We asked if the shootings were part of a home invasion, and why the suspect was released based on the seriousness of the charges ?
While we did not receive an official reply to our inquiries, Annapolis Police released two additional updates on the case Monday 2/14, indicating that police responded to Estep's home twice on 2/12. When officers arrived at Estep's residence at 6:07 P.M. for a disorderly conduct call from Estep, he told police that a group of minors had been pounding on his door. The juveniles were already gone when units were able to speak to Estep. 
The next call to 911 came from a neighbor around 7:12 P.M. on 2/14 for a report of people kicking a door in, in the 100 block of Obery Court.  Estep later admitted firing at a male who kicked his door in during that second incident. He also reportedly told police that he went outside and fired off one more round that he says was aimed at the ground.
According to police, investigators did find evidence of forced entry at Estep's door along with dozens of empty shell casings inside his home:
"Twenty-five spent shell casings were found inside the residence.  One shell casing was recovered on the porch of the residence and a further casing was recovered further outside, but it is unclear if that casing is related to this shooting."
The next call police received was at 7:19 P.M. for shots fired in the area. That is when units discovered the two children suffering with gunshot wounds near Monument Street. The 14 year old male was shot in both legs, and is now recovering at home. A 10 year old girl who was shot in the back, remains in serious condition at the hospital.  
Investigators are working to piece together all the details in this case, which is fluid. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Annapolis Police department.  
Here is the latest full update issued by Annapolis Police on 2/14. 
UPDATE—Shooting in 100 block of
Obery Court 

February 14, 2022

"The following are details of the incident that occurred on February 12th in the 100 block of Obery Court. At 6:07pm officers responded to 140 Obery Ct for a disorderly complaint from Mr. Estep.  He advised a group of juveniles were banging on his door. The juveniles were gone prior to officers arrival.  At 7:12pm an anonymous neighbor reported a group of juveniles kicking a neighbor’s door.  Shortly thereafter, 7:19pm, a call for shots fired in the Obery Court area was received.   

Mr. Estep stated that an individual kicked his door, forcing it open and entered the home. Mr. Estep fired shots at the male intruder’s lower extremities.  Mr. Estep stated he fired shots at a group of subjects at the side window.  He then exited his residence and fired one shot into the ground and left the area.

Investigation reveals that there was damage consistent with breaking and entering on the door of Mr. Estep’s residence. Twenty-five spent shell casings were found inside the residence.  One shell casing was recovered on the porch of the residence and a further casing was recovered further outside, but it is unclear if that casing is related to this shooting. 

The 14 year-old male suffered 2 gunshot wounds to his lower extremities. He has been released from the hospital. The 10 year-old female suffered one gunshot wound to her back.  She is still hospitalized and in stable condition.

This is an active and fluid investigation and we urge anyone with information about this incident to contact our detectives at 410-260-3439." 

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